Film & Photo Studio

Film & Photo Studio Amsterdam

With our seamless 90 degree limbo wall, background rolls in any color and possibilities for live chroma keying and virtual productions, the studio is perfect for all types of productions.

The studio is rented out in full as standard, including free coffee, wi-fi, a 65" UHD viewing screen, basic light set and more.
In order to be optimally usable for video recordings, the acoustics are also fully optimized - recordings with sound are no problem!

Standard included with the studio

  • Free coffee, tea & soft drinks
    Real bean coffee! Cappuccino, caramel latte, espresso or just black bakkie; everything is possible.  

  • High-speed Internet
    Internet with 450Mb up / 600Mb down - wired & WiFi6. 

  • 65" Ultra-HD Display
    Large TV on roll stand with HDMI & SDI input for viewing or as a screen in the picture. Including various mouldings.

  • Basic light package
    -3x Aputure 200x bi-color LED lights.
    -7x Aputure AL-MC RGB LED lights.
    -2x V-Flat bounceboards
    -Various light stands, flags & grip
    -Truss with sufficient clamps and power points.

  • 5.1 Sound System

  • HD Projector / Beamer

  • Power current

  • Free Parking
    2x places based on availability - and ample (paid) parking space.




The limbo wall is 6m x 6.70m with a seamless 90 degree angle. 
The seamless transition in the limbo / cyclorama wall creates an infinite effect on images.
The wall is standard white, but can also be painted in chroma green or other colors.


Background System

In addition to the limbo / cyclorama wall, we also have an electronic background system with any desired color background paper of 2.75m wide.


Light set included

Included as standard with the studio are various Apature bi-color & RGB LED lamps that you can control on our tablet. Inside the truss are clamps and power points to hang further lighting/equipment. Power current is also available.
The studio can be completely darkened.


Optimal acoustics

The entire room is acoustically treated so that recordings with sound are no problem. We also have various recorders, mixers and microphones and the truss is equipped with XLR cables and microphone mounts for all convenience.


Equipment rental

In addition to the included equipment, we also have a wide range of equipment available, including Sony cinema cameras (FX6, FS7 & A-series), photo & prime lenses, various light & sound equipment, livestream switchers, monitors, motorized sliders, gimbals and much more.
We are happy to prepare everything for you!


And further...

A make-up / changing occasion to be separated, various usable furniture and plants, free coffee tea & soft drinks.
And if you miss something... let us know, we'll only be happy when you are!


Studio full day


  • Incl. basic light set
  • Incl. 65" Ultra HD TV
  • Incl. coffee, tea & soft drinks
  • Incl. Electricity
  • Incl. free parking*
  • Cleaning / Paint costs €50 p/
  • hBackground roll €15 per meter
  • usedWeekend / evening surcharge €85
  • Overtime (8+ hours) €65 p/h
- The above prices are exclusive of VAT.
*free parking for max. 2 cars with availability

Feel free to call, WhatsApp, or email if you have any questions.




Cameraman / Photographer Excl. equipment / post-processing






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