Livestream Solutions

Reaching your audience through livestream offers a world of new possibilities.
From streaming an event, performing or registering to YouTube & Facebook to organizing an interactive webinar, sales presentation or virtual tour through Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, Skype or virtually any other platform – we have the experience and solution. 

With our expertise and equipment we can take care of from 1 camera registration to full TV program. 

Especially in these times live streaming can be a godsend to maintain contact with your customers, we like to think along about what best suits your situation. 

Livestream Webinar

Hybrid Event streamem

Livestream Sales pitch


Livestream Studio

Our studio is fully equipped to meet all livestream needs. We have all the expertise and equipment in-house to fully provide webinars, talk shows, interactive live streams or other types of online events.

The studio has very fast internet, optimal acoustics and various settings such as talk show table, standing tables or an informal seating area.


What can we stream for you?


Livestream Event

With an online event or webinar, we can make it so interactive for the viewer that it's like they're really there.
With multiple cameras, sharing presentations, interactive quiz questions, dialing in speakers or asking questions via Zoom or Skype, we really make an online event an interactive experience.

Online Training

When training or coaching people remotely, you want to maintain a professional look. With us you are assured of professional image and sound - and we also make sure that everything is recorded. 


Virtual Audit

With a virtual audit we provide a professional video & audio connection to carry out a remote inspection. We already have extensive experience with corona inspections and other virtual audits. With our livestream solutions we are very mobile and provide a full digital tour of your business.
We can even use 360-degree cameras and drones for this.

Sales Pitch

If you can't go to a customer, but still want to make an impression with your sales pitch, we're here for you.
We stream your sales pitch remotely via Zoom, Skype, Teams or virtually any other video conferencing tool.
With professional image, sound and direction, we make sure you leave a professional impression.

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