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Photo, Video, & Livestream Studio Amsterdam

Striking Studio is the photo studio in Amsterdam that is fully equipped and fully optimized for video recording, photo shoots and livestream webinars.

The studio is standard fully rented with light set, 65" Ultra HD TV & free coffee, tea and soft drinks. If you still need equipment or experienced video, photo or livestream professionals, we are happy to help.

The best way to experience the studio is to stop by. Feel free to send a message, we are happy to give you a tour!


by Striking Studio

Centrally located

Within the ring of Amsterdam and easily accessible by car and public transport. Within 2 min. walk sits a supermarket, action, hardware store, borent, car rental, lunch occasions and the westerpark.

Free parking

Free parking within the ring? No problem!
There are 2 free parking spaces* and always plenty of parking.
We also have a large loading dock where you can unload covered. There's no stairs involved!
*based on availability

Equipment available

We have a wide range of cinema & photo cameras, tripods, grip, audio, light & livestream equipment that we are happy to prepare for you.

Ideal Acoustics

The acoustics are optimized for sound recording; Perfect for recording video content or as a podcast studio. We also have microphones, recorders, transmitters and audio equipment that we are happy to prepare for you.

Lighting included

The studio is standard equipped with remote controlled RGB &bi-color LED lamps with which the wall is evenly highlighted. But if you want to use the lamps differently, then of course you can!.

Includes 65" 4K TV

Whether you use it as a large viewing monitor or as a screen in the picture. The studio comes standard with a 65" UHD TV on a mobile tripod. Connection possible via HDMI, SDI, Chromecast or Airplay.

90 degree limbo

Our spacious cyclorama wall flows seamlessly between floor and walls for an 'infinite' effect.
By default, the limbo wall is painted white, but chroma green or other colors are also possible.

Sound system

With our 5.1 surround installation you can easily play your own audio &music via Bluetooth, Chromecast or mini-jack. Or feel free to use our Spotify account.

Livestream studio

The studio is ideal for live streams and webinars; we have all the equipment, a lightning fast internet connection and various settings for a talk show or an informal seating area setting.


Film & Photo Studio

With our 90 degree seamless cyclorama wall, background rolls in any color and possibilities for live chroma keying and virtual productions, the studio is perfect for all types of productions.

Livestream / Webinar Studio

Our studio is fully equipped to meet all livestream needs.
We have all the expertise and equipment in-house to fully provide webinars, talk shows, interactive live streams or other types of online events.



Virtual Studio

Our virtual studio setup puts you in the middle of a 3D world where almost anything is possible. 
And everything in real-time, making it a perfect solution to take your livestream webinars to the next level.


Podcast Studio

Our Podcast Studio in Amsterdam has the ideal acoustics and we have everything we need to ensure optimal sound quality. 


Greenscreen Studio

The greenscreen studio in Amsterdam has standard lighting and we also offer the possibility to have a live key on the 65" viewing monitor.
This way you can be sure that your recordings are good!

Book the studio

Make a reservation for the studio here.
After your reservation we will contact you to discuss your wishes and confirm the reservation.

Is the desired day no longer available?
Feel free to call, and we will see if we can arrange something!

The coffee is ready

Do you have any questions, or would you like to come and have a look?
Feel free to call, app or email us!

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Nieuwpoortkade 2a
1055 RX Amsterdam